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As a company we know the importance of customer needs and services. It takes hard work, long hours, and a focused commitment to produce the highest quality product for our customers.

Every H.S. Crocker employee is trained through our Crosby Quality Assurance Program. This program empowers each employee to make responsible process decisions. We invite you to tour our facilities and see for yourself the Higher Standard that reflects each employee's Dedication, Desire and Determination to be the best.

Food & Dairy Speciality Printing
Our Huntley, Illinois, plant is focused on providing printed packaging solutions that meet customer requirements:
  • SQF Level 2 Certified
  • Foil and Non Foil Lidding(roll and die cut)
  • Single Serve Portion-pack Lids
  • 2 Part Die Cut Lids
  • Roll Film Top & Bottom Printing
  • Seeding Coupon & Sweepstake Promotions
  • Printed Lids in Register Top and Bottom
  • IMS Listed
Die Cut Foil Lidding
Our Die Cutting Department has a vast library of dies to meet your needs. We can have dies manufactured and designed to meet the most unique sizes and shapes.
Non-Foil Lidding
H.S. Crocker has spent several years developing various non-foil lidding to keep up with the trend of metal detection systems. We offer several materials to accommodate your needs, and are constantly developing and testing with new and improved materials. Our CrockerCote®, CrockerShield Plus® and 800 MRPT materials cover most requirements. Please contact us to see which will be right for you.
Two Part Lids
This unique two-part lid runs on your current equipment and seals the same as standard die cut foil lids. Through C.A.D. programming a membrane is laser cut to your unique design, which is revealed when the foil lid is peeled back.
Pharmaceutical and Extended Labels
Our Exton Plant is an award winning operation dedicated to pharmaceutical labels. Through strategic investments, and intensive quality control, we are able to offer multiple combination print, letterpress, flexo, and screen capability presses that can meet the most complex and creative pharmaceutical requirements, to include multiple page designs. The entire converting process is completed with 100% Vision Systems throughout the plant.
Security and Counterfeiting Solutions
In today’s marketplace, security has become a key component of product safety and traceability. H.S. Crocker Company, Inc. is in a leadership position to provide our customers with dynamic and effective security features.
Quality Assurance
The requirement for Safe Quality Foods is a driving force at H.S. Crocker. In 2010, we were one of the first converting companies in North America to achieve and maintain SQF 2000 level 2 certification.
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