Pharmaceutical and Extended Labels

Printed Pharmaceutical Labels

Our Exton Plant is an award winning operation dedicated to pharmaceutical labels. Through strategic investments, and intensive quality control, we are able to offer multiple combination print, letterpress, flexo, and screen capability presses that can meet the most complex and creative pharmaceutical requirements, to include multiple page designs. The converting process is completed with Vision Systems.

The backbone of this pharmaceutical operation is our ISO compliant Quality Program supported by dedicated and focused employees.

Comprehensive standard operating procedures and cGMP that meet and exceed pharmaceutical requirements
All employees are trained in the Phillip Crosby Improvement Process
Thorough and complete documentation of materials and processes for traceability

We have 8”, 10”, and 15” inch presses to maximize order efficiency and response operating in a 24 hour operation.

Our graphics department is supported by cutting edge hardware and software. Artwork design and approval can be swiftly handled via dedicated ftp site. Customer artwork is confirmed using the advanced Guardian Digital Comparator. All plates are processed digitally computer to plate.

A key to our success is outstanding customer service. We are experts in managing complicated multiple SKU businesses in meeting delivery requirements. Whether using VMI or other proprietary systems or simply coordinating customers’ orders, you can count on an efficient and ON TIME delivery of your product.

To meet the challenges of a global manufacturing economy, H.S. Crocker can help develop overt and convert security features. From special inks or ink additives, to specialized coatings, printing processes, or materials that have forensic traceability, H.S. Crocker can help you develop a program to meet your specific security requirements.

Recent technology and equipment additions include:

The capability to produce Braille copy
The capability to Hot Foil Stamp
Multiple substrate and special gluing capability enables production of multiple page and detachable labels in a single pass

Employee Responsibility/Ownership enhances continuous Quality Improvement Process. Employees have a profound sense of responsibility for the “process”. They should … they own it! Since 1991, H.S. Crocker is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan company.