Security Printing

Protect your Brand and Patients.

Level 1 Security:

COVERT: Unique, but recognizable

  • Visible to the naked eye or tactile and can be felt via touch
  • No tools needed to recognize

Examples: Holograms, Color Shifting, metameric, photochromic and thermochromic ink technology, watermarks

Level 2 Security:

COVERT: Device required

  • Only visible to examiners using tools such as lights, magnifying lenses, a loupe, IR laser, UV lights, flashlight, etc.
  • Taggants – Uniquely encoded chemistries that are virtually impossible to duplicate. Taggants create a fingerprint for any given packaging component

Examples: Ultraviolet images, microtext, images and other hidden items embedded into a document.

Level 3 Security:


  • Can only be viewed in laboratory settings using microscopes or other specialized equipment.

Examples: Nanotext and Nanoimages, document DNA or substrate analysis.