Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand Protection & Consumer Engagement

H.S. Crocker works diligently to stay current with the latest offerings in Security Printing techniques. In today’s marketplace, security has become a key component of product safety and traceability. We lead the industry in providing our customers with dynamic and effective security features. These features enable our customers to provide brand protection and marketplace confidence by ensuring product verification. Our research has positioned H.S. Crocker with the ability to offer a broad range of overt, covert and even forensic security solutions.

Can we assist by helping you:

  • Improve Visibility within your Chain of Custody with innovative tracking and traceability?
  • Complete traceability of materials from our supply chain and throughout our process in concert with your serialization software and variable imprinting equipment?
  • Support Blockchain Technology, IoMT Compliant Packaging and RWD?
  • Provide Inventive and Effective Brand Protection Solutions?
  • Be constantly armed with the latest information and tools necessary to maintain your FDA compliance
    relating to the ever-changing demand of global serialization?
  • Establish or increase Patient Engagement with apps, coupons and methods proving any given product’s authenticity and a link to like products?
  • Implement dependable Smart Labeling alternatives to monitor Biosimilars, Vaccines and other
    pharmaceuticals requiring Cold-Chain Logistics?