Quality Assurance

At H.S. Crocker, quality is of the highest importance. All personnel are annually  trained in Crosby Quality System.

Our Standard Operating Procedures are cGMP compliant.

Since 2010, H.S.Crocker is SQF 2000 Level 2 certified.

H.S. Crocker Quality Assurance specialists monitor compliance throughout the plant on all shifts. These specialists have been trained to use all of the lab testing equipment as well as our TQM program.

All access points of entry to the production facility are swabbed each month. These samples, along with random samples of products are sent to a Illinois Department of Public Health certified laboratory for analysis.

Some of the programs that the Quality Assurance department are involved in are:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Quality Improvement Teams
  • TQM- Total Quality Management systems
  • Training
  • New product development
  • Annual Management Review
  • Regulations

QA lab testing equipment:

  • 1 Up Cup Sealer – able to control heat, pressure, and dwell
  • Sutherland Rub Tester – determining ink abrasion resistance
  • Vak Pak Vacuum Seal Tester – water submersion test
  • Monolabs Peel Tester – determining opening force in lbs per inch or grams per centimeter
  • Vacuum Bell Jar – dry testing
  • Burst Testing – forcing air into a sealed cup
  • TlMI COF Testing – coefficient of friction
  • Puncture Resistance Testing
  • Jaw Sealer – sealing material to blister materials
  • Mecmisin Peel Testing – determining opening force
  • Microscopes – visual and digital
  • XRite XAct Standard Densiphotometer – measuring color both in density and 3 dimensional color space
  • Gloss Meter – measuring gloss levels on different substrates
  • Scienscope Comparator – measuring demisions
  • ATP Bacteria Activity Indicator