Non-Foil Lidding

CrockerCote® and CrockerShield Plus® Die Cut and Roll Non-Foil Lidding

H.S. Crocker has spent several years developing non-foil lidding to keep up with the trend of metal detection systems. We offer several materials to accommodate your needs and are constantly working with new and improved materials. Our CrockerCote®, CrockerShield Plus® and 800 MRPT materials cover most requirements. Please contact us to see which will be right for you.

  • All of H.S. Crocker non-foils can be recycled.
  • Less weight compared to foil – resulting in less transportation costs & reducing pollution.
  • CrockerCote® has 71% renewable material content.
  • CrockerShield Plus® recycle symbol is #1.
  • For single serve items – CrockerCote® and CrockerShield Plus® can be used in place of plastic overcaps.