Food & Dairy Specialty Printing

A Higher Standard in Food, Dairy, and Specialty Printed Lid Solutions.

Our Huntley, Illinois plant is focused on providing printed packaging solutions that meet customer requirements:

  • Foil and Non Foil Lidding (roll and die cut)
  • Single Serve Portion-pack Lids
  • 2 Part Lids Die Cut Lids
  • Printed Lids in Register Front and Back
  • Roll Film-Top & Bottom Printing
  • Seeding, Coupon, & Sweepstake Promotions
  • SQF Level 2 Certified

Our continued capital investment in the Huntley facility ensures that we have manufacturing flexibility tailored to provide quality and service superior to all.

  • All employees are trained in the Crosby Quality Improvement Process
  • Clearly defined work areas ensure order segregation
  • Each step of our process is documented
  • Complete traceability of materials throughout our process
  • Targeted Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are the result of over 70 years experience
  • Annual SOP/SQF/GMP training

Recent technology and equipment additions include:


  • 9 and 10 color
  • Web widths from 13″ to 45″

1 up Die Press

  • 14″ web width

Electronic Pre-Press

  • State of the art digital prepress supports rapid turnaround of files, proofs, and plates.
  • Esko CD Spark 4835
  • DuPont Cyrel Fast DFQ Plate Production

Offline Diecutters

  • 20″ to 29″ web widths


  • 13″ to 32″ web widths
  • SQF Qualification Process
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • SOP’s define each process element

Employee Responsibility/Ownership enhances continuous Quality Improvement Process. Employees have a profound sense of responsibility for the “process”. They should… they own it! Since 1991, H.S. Crocker is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan company.

H.S. Crocker complies with the Wood Pallet Regulations